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We support below list of Micromax models
A47 Bolt X281 X267 A119 Canvas XL
X098 A114R Canvas Beat A59 Bolt A94 Canvas MAd
A36 Bolt A28 Bolt Canvas Knight Canvas Turbo Mini
A114 Canvas 2.2 A61 Bolt A77 Canvas Juice A240 Canvas Doodle 2
A117 Canvas Magnus Canvas Turbo Canvas Tab P650 A63 Canvas Fun
A113 Canvas Ego A76 A74 Canvas Fun A67 Bolt
A92 Canvas 4 A210 A88 X396
A110Q Canvas 2 Plus X322 X321 GC333
X295 Canvas 4 A210 X278 X099
X335C A111 Canvas Doodle Ninja A91 A101
Ninja A54 Bolt A62 Bolt A51 A116 Canvas HD
Bolt A35 Bolt A27 A115 Canvas 3D A110 Canvas 2
A89 Ninja A87 Ninja 4.0 A57 Ninja 3.0 X291
A100 A90s A90 X101
A84 A80 Superfone Punk A44 A25
X277 X276 X246 X368
X234+ A56 A52 X335
A45 X660 X640 X288
X274 X233 X231 X271
X102 A50 Ninja A78 X333
A73 X650 X490 X275
X11i A75 X270 Q80
X256 X78 X55 Blade X222
X285 A55 X40 X450
A85 A70 X410 Canvas Nitro 3 E455

Being a pioneer in mobile phone repair business, we’ve come to understand some of the most common issues affecting electronics such as phones. Some of the most common issues we encounter are a follows:

  • ✓ Cracked Glass on your Mobile Phone.
  • ✓ Home Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Power Button Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Water Damaged Phone Repair
  • ✓ USB Port Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Speaker Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Memory Card Reader Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Keyboard Replacement & Repair
  • ✓ Mobile Phone Battery Replacement & Repair